Central Asian Journal of Sustainability and Climate Research 

Colloquium for Young Researchers: Towards Developing International Collaborations

Themes: Climate, Energy, Water Resources, Land and Agriculture, Sustainable logistics and other related areas 

Online Colloquium: 10th June 2022, 2 PM (ALMT). To verify your time, please click here

Working papers series announces a colloquium to bring together graduate students working in examining climate, energy, water resources, land and agriculture, sustainable logistics and other areas relevant to the thematic scope of the series. Authors were invited to submit the abstracts at the first stage of the selection process. The online colloquium is organized for the selected candidates.  The third stage is the submission of the working papers, the review process and publication of the papers. It’s a rare opportunity for Young Researchers to interact with experts from different countries and also to develop new international collaborations.


Overall, the goal of the colloquium is to contribute to the professional development of young scholars by giving them an opportunity to present and discuss their research in a constructive and international atmosphere. Participating young researchers will receive project-specific feedback from recognized experts in the field. The colloquium thus provides the opportunity to meet senior as well young scholars from different backgrounds working on related topics in the thematic scope of the series.

The colloquium is based on the abstracts for working papers submitted by the participants. The young researchers will have an experienced scholar responding to their paper. In addition, the colloquium will feature a discussion with experts about the major requirements for a successful paper.

Colloquium sessions: The online colloquium is divided into three thematic sessions: 1. Water and Energy; 2. Land/Agriculture; 3. Climate and Sustainable Mobility. The colloquium is taking place on June 10, 2022 (see the agenda*)

*subject to change

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