Management of sustainable industrial development: innovative search for an adaptive approach in Kyrgyzstan

Temirbek S. Bobushev

Kyrgyz Economic University, 58 Togolok Moldo St., 720033 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic


October 18, 2022


From 1990 until today, diversification and in some cases a sharp decline of industrial production in Kyrgyzstan have not been properly accompanied by proactive planning and/or management strategies. The adopted 2019-2023 Strategy for Sustainable Industry Development of the Kyrgyz Republic [Decree of the Government of the KR, 2019], including its processing segment, mainly aims to foster the advancement of selected manufacturing sectors and exports, as well as to enhance the competitiveness of Kyrgyz-made industrial goods. Kyrgyzstan’s industry represents one of the key elements of the national economy contributing approx. 20.0% to its GDP [NSC, 2021]. As a rule, adaptive management approaches are effectively applied to the operations of existing large industrial enterprises. Thus, it appears imperative to examine to what extent such approaches can be applied while assessing and managing the sustainable development of small- and medium-size industrial operations, and what corresponding restrictions exist. So far, the relevant terms are reflected neither in Kyrgyzstan’s production management policies nor programs. A full-fledged application of adaptive management approaches will require significant effort. Therefore, the initial step towards their more systemic exercising could manifest itself in utilizing integrated adaptive management models to ensure achievement of specific goals as to the sustainable industrial and economic development of both Kyrgyzstan and the entire Central Asian Region.

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To cite the paper: T. Bobushev (2022). Management of sustainable industrial development: innovative search for an adaptive approach in Kyrgyzstan. Central Asian Journal of Sustainability and Climate Research.


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adaptive approach, industrial development, innovation, sustainable development

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